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Our Story

Community & Collaboration are the Heart of Creating Vibrant Lives.

Well House 1900 was founded by Meg Michaelson from that same belief, through the spirit of collaboration, community, and connection.  What started as Delafield’s first Opera House in 1900 has evolved to become Delafield's first all-encompassing wellness and celebration center.

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Well  House 1900 is an active healing and collaborative space that welcomes all to learn and grow.

Whether it is a small group of friends meeting for yoga and the juice bar to start their day together, or an individual choosing time for themselves through a healing Reiki or massage session, or business associates renting the hall for a workday seminar, the opportunities to connect at Well House 1900 are truly endless.


At Well House 1900, we bring people together to showcase and share their talents as we connect our community to the works of local and not-so-local artists and entrepreneurs. We provide space to build skills, support emotional, mental, and physical healing through a variety of modalities, and create connections for people of all ages to live more healthfully.


Well House 1900 was founded through the spirit of connection, to inspire, heal, and foster self-growth and collective expansiveness. We have created this space to inspire, grow, and nurture the development of the potential to thrive within each of us, connecting healthfully with selves so we may all connect healthfully with others.

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