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Nourish Café

We are pleased to have Allie Stark & Nourish Café inside of Well House 1900.  What we put into our bodies matters. Food plays a powerful role in not only our physical health but our emotional and mental wellbeing, too. Nearly 95% of serotonin, the hormone responsible for stabilizing our moods, is produced in the gut!

When we provide our bodies with whole, nutrient-dense foods, we are showing up for ourselves. And by showing up for ourselves, we can better show up for the people in our lives.

At Nourish Café we value the importance of healthy selves to create healthy communities. Here are some of the delicious eats and drinks you can expect to see in our café:

Nourish Menu
Tribe 1
nourish revitalize drink


Fresh organic juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, adaptogenic beverages, and more!

Fresh Smoothie Bowl

We keep it simple. Join our movement to live more healthfully!

Our Mission:

At Nourish we believe that food is medicine, healing your body is easy when given the right tools, and that real organic food tastes amazing.

We believe in using the power of plants, and organic high vibrational food to nourish our mind, body and soul.

We believe that health is not just what you eat, but also fully encompasses experiences, feelings and community.

At Nourish we hope you are inspired by our health-conscious outlook and superfood-focused drinks to inspire and empower you to be the best version of YOU!

Food is medicine. We believe the earth has provided us with everything we could possibly need to heal our bodies as long as we give it the right tools. We believe in root cause medicine, getting to the root cause of what is out of alignment in our bodies so we can finally heal. Whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually.

That’s why we selected only the best organic, locally sourced ingredients and herbal medicine. Our juice is cold-pressed, never heated and pasteurized, meaning maximum ingredients.

At Nourish we want to empower you to be your best version of you: emotionally, mentally and physically. That’s why we will share education on wellness, host classes and set up easy cleansing packages based on your individual needs.

We are passionate about protecting our beautiful mother earth!

Our juices are bottled in glass. If you bring the bottles back, we will cleanse and reuse them. All of our other items use packaging that is both eco-friendly and compostable. We practice sustainability by being farm to table and back to the farm! By pairing up with local farms to ensure all our vegetable scraps are used to feed the animals or compost for their gardens. Here at Nourish we truly recycle everything we can.

At Nourish creating a holistic health-conscious community is everything! A place for everyone, from beginners who are just getting started on their health journey to others who are already on their health journey and are looking for a little extra support. We want to create a place that brings family and friends together even if we all eat differently.
We are here to support, uplift and create our Nourish community through wellness nights, retreats and gatherings. Nourish is a place for everyone to feel seen, heard and validated. A gathering place that creates a sense of peace, calm and “at home” the moment you step through the door!

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