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Welcome to Well Goods

Well Goods is your one-stop destination for unique wellness and gift offerings. Nestled within our curated collection, you'll discover a treasure trove of locally made and hand selected products crafted with love and care. Embracing the ethos of wellness, we pride ourselves on offering an array of healthy, plastic-free choices that nourish both body and soul. From exquisite jewelry to captivating books, from indulgent self-care items to artisanal candles, our selection caters to every aspect of your well-being journey. Whether you're seeking a thoughtful gift or treating yourself to a moment of self-love, let us help you find the perfect item. At Well Goods, we invite you to explore a world of wellness where every choice reflects your commitment to a life well-lived.

Well Goods Hours

Tuesday 10-5
Wednesday 10-3
Thursday 10-5
Friday 10-3
Saturday 9-3
Sunday 10-3


Vegan Grab & Go Meals

Locally made, vegan, organic, gluten-free healthy meals. ME Method meals are always centered around plant diversity. Each meal is intentionally chef-curated with optimal nutritional benefit in mind. Celebrate plants and the good they can do for your mind, body & spirit.  Stop into Well Goods and pick up a healthy grab & go meal!


We now offer delicious, organic, nutrient-dense and immune-boosting microgreens! Locally harvested, offerings change weekly but can include broccolli, kale, sunflower, pea and various blends.  Microgreens are up to 40x more nutirent-dense than mature greens like broccoli.  They can help lower inflammation, improve gut health and boost your immunity!  

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