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Tribe 1
Dawn Bethke

Dawn Bethke

Space Founder + Visionary + Resident Astrologer

Tribe 2

Born under on the winter solstice, the shortest daylight hours in the year, I was given the name Dawn - light bringer. Although I have having a ‘sunny’ personality and embody the Sagittarian archetypes of free-spirit, generous, honest (sometimes brutally), and truth- seeker…it has taken me a few decades to discover what I was to do with my work in the world. The studies of psychology, and archetypal astrology has blossomed into a daily passion practice of using the stars to guide myself as well as my lovely clients. Astrology has gifted me with a more objective view of my life and has forged a new path that allows for growth, healing, and evolution. I would love to connect with you at

Currently I am sharing time spent between the diverse magical lands I love in WI, FL, and Telluride, CO. Each location provides the right ingredient to fill my soul. I also completed yoga teacher training in 2016, and love to connect the philosophies of yoga and astrology together in practice. When the sun goes down, I will be in the kitchen baking and making healthy plant based food, with my golden child, Hailey, who assists and taste tests along the way. Oh and let’s not forget my beloved English bulldogs waiting at my feet.


The dream for INDIGO COLLECTIVE was gifted to me as a vision one night about 5 years ago. My husband (Pete) and I bought the building in Delafield, WI in fall of 2019, as it was currently operating as a church. Fun fact: Meg had received insight that I would be connecting with a church in Delafield, just a few months before, neither of us having an idea of what this could become! Combined with my designers eye and Pete’s knowledge and talent for construction, he worked his magic in his role as a contractor on the 18 month complete remodel of the 100+ year old historical building. It truly is a gem! As timelines changed throughout 2020, my passion for transforming the church into a collective creative space for the Lake Country community, my role and involvement shifted as well. Graciously, the Universe aligned two astounding women in my path that would collaborate together to continue and evolve the vision of what the space wanted to become. Allie Stark (Nourish Lake Country juicery) and Meg Michaelson (Well House 1900) are the busy bees that will give life to endless creative pursuits happening in this beautiful new space. We cannot wait to meet you!


Wellness Intuitive, Holistic Healing Guide,

Health Coach, Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator

Amy Elizabeth

My tests in life have become my testimony, my passion, and my calling as I walk alongside other women, holding space for you, listening to you, and tapping into your higher self until you can on your own.

 Together we open the doorway to healing yourself, in whatever way that feels right for YOU. I am just like you, only a few steps ahead with the guidance and training I have received, to guide you and bring you to a place of peace, happiness, and health.  Childhood Trauma, Mom of four, healed through Cancer at age thirty-nine and divorce at age 48.

I started my healing journey and Soul Abundance Wellness in 2010, After my own healing journey with Cancer.  I became certified as a Holistic Health Coach, a Reiki Master Healer, and began offering Energy Work Intuitive readings, Coaching, and Breath Work.

I have stepped out of Wellhouse to be an off site healer, taking the hands on healing and Reiki off the table for now, and focusing more on healing from Anxiety, Relationship work and overall feeling happier in life with Mindset work, Which can be done over coffee via zoom or at our local coffee shop. 

I'm here, arms wide open, without judgment, to walk alongside you, and help you journey to a better place.
Much love, Amy

Tribe 3

Ashley helps people live healthier and feel better. She is excited to partner with you to dig deep on all things related to health. Family health, physical health, financial health, emotional health or whatever health looks like for you. With her guidance and structured assessment tools, together you will uncover your deepest motivations and draft a proven plan to act and maximize your potential to realize the results you want. 

Ashley’s area of study is in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, and Lifestyle Medicine.
Ashley joins us in the connected community of Well House 1900 and is currently inviting clients to meet here in person, or virtually, if that makes more sense for you and your comfort. Reach out to her for a connection call to ask any questions, and jump right in to possibility together. She can’t wait to meet you!


I am a recently retired psychologist from 40 years of private practice in the Milwaukee area and 35 years of being on staff at St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee. My work has entailed a lot of  hands-on experience with PTSD, couples counseling, lifestyle enhancement,  emotional literacy facilitation, and grief work. I am also a huge proponent of experiential learning and the transformational power of a group. In addition to conducting workshops and facilitating groups for both men and women for over 20 years, I have continued to be an active participant in the men's group I originally signed on to in 1994. That is my best  endorsement for joining a group! 

John O'Donnell

Tribe 4

Psychologist - Retired

Erich Moraine is an ordained Zen priest (2012) who cares for the Kintsugi Sangha in Hartland and has a small private practice. In addition to his Zen practice he also has training in a variety of more contemporary disciplines. He works in a non-pathologizing, integrative manner, respecting the amazing complexity that is a human being. He also enjoys helping to adjust relationships between humans in all its diversity.  


Erich sometimes refers to himself as an emotional ecologist. In order to change what’s taken root in you, it is important to understand why it is there, and what purpose it serves. Using compassion, curiosity and courage, he collaborates with you to explore the larger system of which this is an integral part. The hope is to better understand the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of egoic structures so change can be invited into the system. This eases suffering and minimizes the unpleasant side effects of protecting oneself in that particular way. Of course, the long-term solution is to awaken to your true nature, but until that happens it’s good to have a backup plan.    

Erich with plant background.jpg

Erich Moraine

Ordained Zen Priest

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