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Sun, Aug 04



Lake Country Yoga Workshop

Deepen Your Practice

Lake Country Yoga Workshop
Lake Country Yoga Workshop

Time & Location

Aug 04, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM CDT

Delafield, 612 Milwaukee St, Delafield, WI 53018, USA

Event Description

Embark on a thoughtfully crafted 2-hour yoga workshop, designed to elevate your yoga practice and enhance overall alignment and  well-being with facilitators Ashley & Ashely!

The workshop will include;

Asana Exploration with Instructor-Guided Precision: Immerse yourself in sophisticated techniques and hands-on-assists and adjustments to learn and refine postures, unlocking new dimensions of flexibility and strength. Explore a powerful 60-minute asana flow where your instructors will help to foster a profound connection and understanding of each pose.

Unlocking the Power of Pranayama: Delve into the art of conscious breathing with Pranayama, a transformative practice enhancing focus, reducing stress, and fostering a deeper mind-body connection. Learn techniques while being personally guided to optimize your well-being.

Embracing Extended Savasana: Indulge in an extended Savasana, a practice transcending physical relaxation. This bridge between relaxation and meditation promotes mental clarity, reduces stress, and becomes a canvas for emotional exploration, manifestations, and fostering a deeper connection to your inner self.

Reflection and Guided Journaling: Transition into moments of serene stillness, engaging in reflective journaling gently guided by your instructors. Explore the benefits of this practice, enhancing self-awareness and deepening your connection to the yoga experience. Receive guidance on continuing this reflective practice beyond the workshop for sustained personal enlightenment

This workshop is perfect for practitioners of all levels aspiring to deepen their journey of physical and mental well-being as well as individuals seeking a refined, rejuvenating, and introspective experience that will set them on a path of growth.

About Your Facilitators -

Meet Ashley Endres -  As a devoted mother of three, former D1 athlete, full time corporate profess and a seasoned yogi with 15 years of practice, Ashley brings a unique blend of intensity, and depth to her yoga classes. As a 300-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Ashley endeavors to create a transformative experience for her students, fostering the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Beyond the yoga studio, Ashley is the proud owner of Motive Coaching Club, a wellness brand that mirrors her passion for lifestyle health. Her true calling is in helping individuals align themselves both on and off the mat, as she is deeply committed to transforming lives through holistic well-being. Join Ashley on this empowering journey to discover joy, embrace intensity, and cultivate a sense of balance that extends far beyond the boundaries of the mat.

Meet Ashley Ford - As a dedicated mother of four, certified yoga instructor and Ironman, Ashley has discovered profound mental clarity and physical strength through the practice of yoga. Her personal preference lies in the dynamic discipline of power yoga, a practice that seamlessly integrates strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, serving as a conduit to cultivate a serene state of meditation. As a hands-on instructor, Ashley finds true joy in guiding students to unearth their true potential, both mentally and physically. She invites you to join her on this transformative journey of yoga, where tradition meets contemporary vitality, and where the timeless principles of the practice converge with the pursuit of individual balance and self-discovery.

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