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Meg Michaelson

Meet Meg Michaelson

- Well House 1900 Founder and Community Builder -

When life's challenges cause us to disconnect from our center, we often struggle with our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. During these times it is ever more important to feel hopeful and supported, and this is possible. Meg has spent the past 20 years guiding others to become more awake and alive. Whether the session is in person or virtual, she will work with all aspects of self to uncover, reconnect, and re-integrate so we may transform the pain into a life we once again enjoy. Meg uses her intuition and training to draw forth information on the unhealthy beliefs and patterns that have gotten in our way, as well as our untapped gifts that will bring in more joy. Working with Meg will bridge our Earth self to our beautiful soul truth and lead us to rely on and navigate this most important connection.

During sessions with Meg we gain greater understanding in the relationship between our choices, our emotional reactions, and the freedom or pain we hold in our physical bodies, as well as more clarity on how this connects or disconnects us from the journey of our soul. Together we can choose to live from a place of courage, kindness, integrity, authenticity, and balance, developing a more mindful state of awareness to self and others.

Meg’s greatest treasures and greatest learning have come from the times she spends with her 5 children, 2 son-in-laws, and the newest addition, and happiest baby ever, her grandson Beau. Meg has worked with individuals, couples, families, and businesses, as well as leading group workshops across the country. Using her knowledge of the chakra system, her spiritual insights, and unconditional wisdom, she gently guides others toward the development of their own inner knowing and learning to live a life they love.

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Dawn Bethke

Dawn Bethke

Space Founder + Visionary + Resident Astrologer

Born under on the winter solstice, the shortest daylight hours in the year, I was given the name Dawn - light bringer. Although I have having a ‘sunny’ personality and embody the Sagittarian archetypes of free-spirit, generous, honest (sometimes brutally), and truth- seeker…it has taken me a few decades to discover what I was to do with my work in the world. The studies of psychology, and archetypal astrology has blossomed into a daily passion practice of using the stars to guide myself as well as my lovely clients. Astrology has gifted me with a more objective view of my life and has forged a new path that allows for growth, healing, and evolution. I would love to connect with you at

Currently I am sharing time spent between the diverse magical lands I love in WI, FL, and Telluride, CO. Each location provides the right ingredient to fill my soul. I also completed yoga teacher training in 2016, and love to connect the philosophies of yoga and astrology together in practice. When the sun goes down, I will be in the kitchen baking and making healthy plant based food, with my golden child, Hailey, who assists and taste tests along the way. Oh and let’s not forget my beloved English bulldogs waiting at my feet.


The dream for INDIGO COLLECTIVE was gifted to me as a vision one night about 5 years ago. My husband (Pete) and I bought the building in Delafield, WI in fall of 2019, as it was currently operating as a church. Fun fact: Meg had received insight that I would be connecting with a church in Delafield, just a few months before, neither of us having an idea of what this could become! Combined with my designers eye and Pete’s knowledge and talent for construction, he worked his magic in his role as a contractor on the 18 month complete remodel of the 100+ year old historical building. It truly is a gem! As timelines changed throughout 2020, my passion for transforming the church into a collective creative space for the Lake Country community, my role and involvement shifted as well. Graciously, the Universe aligned two astounding women in my path that would collaborate together to continue and evolve the vision of what the space wanted to become. Allie Stark (Nourish Lake Country juicery) and Meg Michaelson (Well House 1900) are the busy bees that will give life to endless creative pursuits happening in this beautiful new space. We cannot wait to meet you!

Jamie Healy

Jamie Healy

Here Now Massage

Jamie is passionate about providing a distinctive quality massage tailored to the individual needs and preferences of her clients. She instinctively applies her training, skills, and gifts to help her clients feel their very best. Throughout Jamie's work, she has researched how emotions hold space in our bodies and how emotions have a daily effect. She can intuitively explain the connection between your pain and your emotions through her therapeutic touch, therefore, helping the healing continue after each massage therapy.

She has over 10 years of experience as a licensed Massage Therapist in the spa and wellness industry. Jamie graduated from Lakeside School of Massage Milwaukee, WI, and had had over 100 hours of continuing education in deep tissue, cupping, relaxation techniques, hot stone, energy work/reiki, and prenatal massage. Whether you desire a deeply indulgent relaxation massage or work on long-term injuries and trauma, Jamie is able to meet you where you are on your journey.

Outside of work Jamie enjoys spending time with her beautiful family and 2 dogs. Outside of her practice, she enjoys DIY art projects, watching movies, enjoying ice cream, photography, crystal shopping, and all things baking or cooking.

Allie Stark

Allie Stark

Allie Stark Holistic Wellness

Allie Stark Holistic Wellness is a space where you will feel balanced and restored, a sanctuary where the skin, body, and spirit are considered a unifiable whole.

Specializing in Holistic Facials & Body Care, Health, Wellness, and Reiki Healing. I am dedicated to transforming your story. By harnessing my comprehensive knowledge of the skin, body, and energy and its intimate connection with your holistic physical body, I provide transformative experiences guided by my unique founding philosophy. I've been in the industry for 8 years and early on I began to notice people with acne, eczema, and rosacea were suffering with low self-esteem because of the smallest imperfections. At that point and after going through my own health journey, I found myself wanting to dig a little deeper and start asking more questions. I was going back to my roots in holistic health.


While I had a general knowledge of the ways in which diet/lifestyle affected the skin, I wanted to learn more! That is when I decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Coach. Since then, I've also continued my studies with people I respect most in the "green beauty" industry and my monthly training from Eminence Organic Skincare.

I like to call myself a Holistic Esthetician and Health & Wellness Coach, which encompasses the entire mind, body, and spirit of my receivers. Our skin is a mirror and reflects what is going on inside our body. I have spent years learning how our emotions, mood, food, relationships, stress, balance, and even finances show up on this beautiful organ called our skin and can be the root cause of many illnesses! I believe a strong relationship between myself and my receivers is invaluable. I am here to listen, educate, support, and guide my clients on their journey to the skin and body they love and feeling their best emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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Dana Fleming, LMT, MLD - C

Massage Therapy + Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Is massage part of your wellness routine? Massage therapy can aid in physical, mental, and social well being as well as improve immune function and reduce stress. Having an effective lymphatic system is an essential part of maintaining optimal health, improve yours in order to improve your immune system, boost energy, improve sleep, reduce fatigue & inflammation & so much more. Because you are worth feeling your best! @EMPOWER_BODYWORK

Tricia Engelking

Tricia Engelking

Somatic Movement Educator & Life Coach

Freedom, mobility, self actualization, independence, patience, and imagination are qualities that I love to share with my clients and they are the experiences that motivated me to pursue Somatic Movement Education. We are told that others are the experts of our bodies, and it's true because we've forgotten how to sense ourselves from the inside out. We've forgotten how to create comfort from the inside out and how to tap into the nervous system to improve ourselves and our mobility.

I graduated in 2017 from Essential Somatics in Colorado. As a Somatic Movement Educator, I use language that helps clients sense themselves from the inside out to create connections between areas of the body that the brain cannot sense and control. Tension and pain are caused by the loss of awareness and control by the brain. When the brain regains awareness and control, it releases contraction and resulting pain.

Self actualization occurs when we learn how to approach our bodies with kindness, to look beyond the tension and pain and respectfully move our bodies while giving attention to connections. Awareness is directed to follow the softening and release of movement and contraction. This is the moment that clients realize they can release their own muscle tension themselves.

In addition to Somatic Movement Education, I recently became certified by Clear Inner Focus Education & Coaching (2021) to help clients look inside themselves with patience, safety, and kindness and to respect the learning process. Worthwhile learning takes time and is experienced in the body. It expands perspective and improves the quality of being alive. This is my passion for sharing Somatic Movement Education.

Kelly Kehl

Kelly Kehl

Hypnotist, Wellness Coach, Esogetic Colorpuncture™ Light Therapist, & Laughter Wellness Coach

Kelly believes through Questioning, Discovering and Marveling, you learn and grow. Knowledge truly is power.

Kelly has worked in the field of education for over 27 years and loves to wisdom-share and learn from others! Through her own education, training, life experiences and health journey, she holds others capable for running their own lives. We are all a Work-in-Progress. We all are empowered. The answers are within us.

Kelly possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. She is a Certified Hypnotist through both the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF). She is also a Certified Wellness Coach with the IHF, a Certified Esogetic Colorpuncture™ Light Therapist and a Certified Laughter Wellness Coach. She utilizes CranioSacral Therapy as an adjunct to her practice.


Emily Garbutt

Yoga Teacher & Functional Range

Conditioning Mobility Specialist

Emily Garbutt is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist. As a yoga teacher for 7 years, Emily has a broad range of teaching experience from gyms to studios, parks and private sessions. In 2019 she launched an Intuitive Wellness company called Healing Gracefully inspired by her own health journey. Her business incorporates the three primary healing modalities (yoga, intuitive energy readings, and aromatherapy) that helped her heal her way into remission. Join Emily for one of her various yoga classes taught at the beautiful Well House 1900

Angela Zilli Raasch

Angela Zilli-Raasch

Channeler +Psychic + Intuitive + Spiritual Life Coach +Soul Activations +Certified Energy Healer & Alchemist

My gift to this world is to be able to energetically hold space for others without judgement, while tapping into and retrieving information from their higher-self and subconscious. This allows me to zone in on the root causes as to what is challenging someone physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

Transmuting ( alchemizing) these low frequency blocks of energies and then activating one’s internal intelligence within for integration, balance, forgiveness, restoration and healing, is one of my favorite things to do, as it assists them in getting “unstuck” and propels them to their truth and remembrance of who they truly are. That is when the " Divine magic" of healing and transformation takes place.

My passion is people, being a part of their journey and assisting them in remembering and living in their true sovereign nature.

Thus far most of my clients have been out of state and out of the country. I have worked with babies, toddlers, children, adults, couples, seniors, groups and animals. I am very much looking forward to more in-person sessions at the Well House 1900!

Always remember:
- We are not our emotions
- We are not our trauma
- We are not our beliefs
- We are not our feelings

* All of those create a human experience, but that is not who you are!

Know thy souls intention +Learn+Intergrate+Grow+Heal+Transform


Mary Lynn Kelly, Vibrational Empowerment

Sound Therapy

Experience and explore vibrational empowerment through a gong bath meditation, gong bowl chakra clearing or the Quantum Energy Wellness Bed. 

All are resources for your body to come into wellness. When we listen to our bodies we can provide the resources its been asking for. Relax in a gong bath meditation or stand and sit in the gong bowl as I walk around you and strike the bowl as you feel the vibrations working in your body. Your chakra's are releasing and opening and allowing the energy to flow. 

The Quantum Wellness Energy Bed gives your body an opportunity to absorb light-biophotons-directly into your body with a Quantum Bio-field Antenna Technology, bio beneficial micro-current, and far-infrared heat therapy. Let's Explore! 

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